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The threat of gravel extraction to the south of Borrowash just won’t go away. Now Derbyshire County Council has started the consultation process on the next 10 yearly Minerals Plan. Tarmac has submitted proposals to this plan, which could mean sand & gravel extraction, right up to the banks of the River Derwent, crossing Station Road then continuing around Elvaston Castle.

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New Park & Fine System for Borrowash Village

You may not be aware but Somerfield Super store in Borrowash have now put in place a new park & fine system for the village car park.  This has resulted in a new automated system which logs your car number plate as you enter the main car park in the village and then logs you out as you leave.

The issue with this system is that you only have one hour parking in the village car park, should you exceed this time frame your car details are automatically cross referenced with the DVLA and you will automatically receive a £75 fine from Somerfield Superstores through the post. This can also occur should you return to the car park within a four hour time frame.

The major draw back is that the local community and other businesses in the community could feel alienated and retaliate by boycotting Somerfield's and go some ware else to do their shopping, where you are not fined to shop (with Christmas coming and the queue's at the till's are long and slow you will probably be one of the unfortunate many who will receive a £75 fine this Christmas).

We recommended that you lodge a compliant with Somerfield on their web site


 New Housing Development for Borrowash

The Birkins factory on the outskirts of Borrowash have been under review for a new 91 house housing development.  The development is to be implemented by David Wilson Homes.  This will be the end of the lace industry for Borrowash as Birkins have been around since the 1800's. Should your require more information on the development or should wish to take the matter further please contact Erewash Borough Council, Birkins or David Wilson Homes.

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MP Slams Highways Agency Over Promise To Quiet Surface A52 at Ockbrook and Borrowash

Liz Blackman MP for Erewash has written a strong letter to the Highways Agency criticising their lack of action to put quiet surfacing on the busy A52 between Ockbrook and Borrowash.

Mrs Blackman has been pressing for the work to be done for many years.  In 2002 she received a letter from the Agency saying ‘In the case of this length of the A52, we expect this to be in 2004, as previously advised.’

It now appears, however, that the works are not included in this years plan.

‘I find this wholly unacceptable’, said the MP.  ‘Firstly the Highways Agency gave a commitment the work would go ahead this year, secondly my constituents living near the A52 put up with an intolerable level of noise, thirdly it would have been more cost-effective and less troublesome to motorists if this work had been combined with recent work at Spondon and lastly it would have been courteous if the Agency had let me know about their change of plan.’

Mrs Blackman is urging the Highways Agency to think again and include the project in this year’s programme.


CONSTITUENCY OFFICE Telephone : 0115 9224380  MON - FRI (Marietta Farnsworth)
HOUSE OF COMMONS Telephone : 020 7219 2397 MON- WED (
Philipa Coughlan)

Un-wanted Housing Developments in and around
Ockbrook & Borrowash

Twice now in the past year some residents on Victoria Avenue have had letters from developers wanting to buy their homes or part of their gardens. The reason they want to acquire this land is to build a houses on it.

If it was to go ahead it would leave the GREEN BELT land between Borrowash and Ockbrook open for attack from further development leaving Borrowash village with no green land between the village and Spondon. Apart from the loss of the precious green belt this could eventually lead to the whole parish being swallowed up by the City of Derby.

In Ockbrook and Borrowash we are lucky to be surrounded by green belt land but it is increasing under attack from companies wishing to develop it. To protect it we need to be aware of the threat and be ready to oppose it. So although there are no plans as yet, if the land is sold and a plan is submitted we will let you know. If you hear of a threat of this kind would you please also let us know?

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NOT to go forward

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I find It very hard to believe that Borrowash has 2 banks and not one has a hole in the wall bank machine i think we are the only village that does not have one the only bank machine's are at the local shops which charge you £1.85p every time there needs to be something done about this


I agree with the suggestion of having at least one hole in the wall cash machine, paying £1.85 per withdrawal at the local shops is scandalous.


Well done Jason Lester for bringing the cash machine issue to light, you truly are a role model for the local area, just a pity now that you moved to Alvaston.