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Welcome to AIRCHECK!  Thanks to all for visiting.  Well over 5,000 hits since December '02 (and rising) following 2,000 in the first year!  Thanks.   Ian - Site Editor.    AIRCHECK E-GROUP!   Get to see the new pages and new features FIRST!  Get full details on updates and avoid having to search for them FIRST!   Meet up with other interested radio people in our exclusive chat room and post your own items of interest.  All this and more on the AIRCHECK E-GROUP.  Click the Group Info button above to find out more and join!

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SITE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Local maintenance on my regionally based servers in ntl-land have messed up mine and others ability to view AIRCHECK.  Welcome back to all broadband visitors who've changed the proxy server settings in 'Internet Options' to return to normal service.   Talking of returning, the updates and the SHOCKER will all be back soon...  Ian - Site Editor..


RAJAR headlines, big stories and more.      AIRCHECK favourites recommended to you!

   The Tracker Chart now has it's own page, plus there's loads of updates available too.  Keep returning for regular updates!

   Remembering star names no longer with us...

    25/10 - 'No scrolling' home page (1024x768 viewers only) - All pages under development

    13/09 - NOW ON LINE in the Museum:- The Capital Radio Hall of Fame plus much, much more in our various 'virtual rooms'!

    22/08 - Want to tell us something about the radio scene where you are?  Go on!  Get it off your chest!      

    23/06 - Stan Harper recalls BRMB's serial 'Yesterday Never Comes' Guy Burley responds.

    Do you need help in tracking down a long-lost recording?  Could you help someone else?

    Rated & Recommended - stations that offer something more than the radio norm.

    Now down to limited numbers - when they're gone, they're gone.

    Visit for more information.

    ??/?? - Under Development.  Do you live outside the UK?  Give us a profile of the radio where you live!

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