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Profile: Adrian John: Adrian John is one of the best-known voices on UK radio - he was brought up in Kent from the aage of 9 when his parents moved to Beckenham.  The county is still home to Adrian today.  

Adrian originally left Kent to spend time as a DJ ion the QE2, then he moved to BBC Radio 1.  Adrian presented the first early morning show on the national network from 1983 to 1988.  (Radio 1 previously carried the Radio 2 early show presented by the late Ray Moore)  His warm and relaxed style made him an ideal early morning presenter, although this was not without sacrifice.  He had to get up at 3:15am to start at 6:00am, as he lived about an hour's drive from central London's BBC studios.   During his time with Radio 1 Adrian went on to co-present BBC TV's Top Of The Pops.

In 1987, he said that his Radio 1 show was "very one-to-one with the listeners" often telling them when to get dressed in a morning!  One week, he didn't tell anyone to do it, and as a result, one listener didn't go to work for three days!

Adrian is known for his wind-ups, both on and off-air.  He also enjoys swimming and cycling, his favourite TV shows are 'Harry Enfield', 'Ally McBeal' and 'Have I Got News For You'.  However, he likes to stay well away from TV soaps, but does like films 'Notting Hill' & 'April Fools'.

Whereabouts: Adrian joined Kent's Capital Gold service in January 1999, returning home to Kent to present the Capital Gold ‘Breakfast Show’. He considers the audience the best in the country having gained experience in other parts.  His co-hosts are Dan Marsh and Claire Martin who provide news, travel and weather for the show.

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