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Profile: Alan Dedicoat: 

Born at an early age in 1954 in Hollywood (not the one in the States, the one in Worcestershire).  

Educated at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, King's Heath - Birmingham & Birmingham University.  

Previous jobs include a spell as an Executive Officer for the DHSS!  Programme Assistant at BBC Radio Birmingham 1979-1981. Presenter/Producer (Acting) at BBC Radio WM 1981-1983.  Presenter/Producer at BBC Radio Devon 1983-1987.

Alan began as an announcer at Radio 2 in 1987.

He started work on the wireless as a presenter on hospital radio (BHBN) in Edgbaston, Birmingham in 1975.

His interests are: travel, eating out, reading and photography, his favourite colour is red, and his favourite food is Avocados.

Whereabouts: Alan is still at Radio 2 reading travel, news and other announcements, the sidekick of Terry Wogan, who nicknamed him 'Deadly' when he spoonerised his name to 'Deadly Alancoat'.  Alan is, unbeknown to some, the 'VOICE OF THE BALLS' on BBC1's Lottery Shows.

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