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Profile: Alan Freeman: Alan Freeman is an Australian, born in 1927 and educated in Melbourne.  After leaving school he worked as an assistant paymaster/accountant for one of Australia's largest timber companies.  In 1952 he was invited to audition as a Radio announcer and commenced working for 7LA known as the teenager's station, where his duties included continuity announcer, presenter of musical programmes incorporating opera, ballet and classical music, DJ for the top 100, news reader, quiz master, commercial reader and many various other duties.

In 1957 he took a nine month trip around the world with the verbal promise to return to Melbourne by January 1958.  He got as far as London, decided it was to be his No.1 home, sent many letters of apology to his former Melbourne employer and has been here ever since.  During that period he has visited and worked in the USA and has travelled to many parts of Europe.  The official Alan Freeman Fan Club is record to be in, of all places, Czechoslovakia!

Since 1958 he has become of the leading Disc Jockeys and exponents of Pop Music.  He has appeared on "Top Of The Pops" and "Juke Box Jury" for BBCTV and "Housewives Choice" and "Pick Of The Pops" on BBC Radio.  He was given a straight acting role in "Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors" and got involved with creeping vines that strangled people.  Cracked Alan 'Many people thought I made a very good creep, indeed!'  He also took to the legitimate stage in 1975 to play the role of Victor in Noel Coward's "Private Lives".

In April 1973 Alan Freeman joined the ranks of daily presenters on Radio 1 -- taking over the 3.00-5.00pm spot from Terry Wogan. In this series of shows, Alan spotlighted the activities of youth clubs and young people.  At one stage he was the Vice-President of the London Association of Youth Clubs and presented the Radio 1 "Quiz Kid" series on Sunday evenings, which was recorded at Youth and Boys Clubs all over the country.  In addition he presented BBC Radio 1's "Stereo Special" from 2.00-5.00pm every Saturday afternoon featuring some of the more progressive sounds around.  He also presented a 26-week series of documentary programmes called "The Story Of Pop" which was broadcast all around the world.

Whereabouts: BBC Radio 2 were, some years ago, clever enough to bring back "Pick Of The Pops" along with Alan, who had previously only presented documentaries following a period of semi-retirement.  "POTP" included all the classical excerpts familiar to listeners and Alan in between the hits, whilst also periodically presenting Radio 1 Rock Shows in the same style.

In late 1992, Alan joined 'Right Said Fred', Bernard Cribbins, Basil Brush, Hugh & Laurie and a vast array of pop stars and other comedians on the 'Right Said Fred' single for Comic Relief 'Stick It Out' which first charted in February 1993 and reached number 4, staying in the charts for 7 weeks and raising loads of cash for worthy causes.

As Alan has got older, his love of classical music led to a series of "Their Greatest Bits" as now broadcast on Radio 2 but previously as well as "Pick Of The Pops".  However, Arthritis has got the better of those famous disc playing hands, and, with regret, Alan handed over the reigns of "Pops" to the man who periodically filled in for him, ex-Radio Trent man, Dale Winton who remains as quite able host today, armed with all those classical bits listeners are so familiar with.   Alan chose to continue to present documentaries and "Their Greatest Bits" on Radio 2.   

You can't beat a bit of 'Fluff'...alright?  Not 'arf!

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