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Profile: Alex Lester: Born in 1956, Alex's first radio memory was listening to 'Housewives' Choice' with his Mum!  He worked on many local radio stations before joining BBC Radio 2 in 1987.  He's been with the network ever since, albeit in various capacities, in what he describes is his dream job.

Amongst his best moments, he made one of his shows a 'surreal interactive experience', but his worst moment was when he cost the BBC 25,000 in repeat fees by playing the first part of a concert twice when he got his tapes mixed up.  This may be a reason why his ambition is to hang on as long as possible.  

His favourite broadcasters are John Peel and Bob Harris, he used to play blues harmonica in pubs and clubs and once stood next to Charlie Watts - in the toilet of London's 100 Club.  He lives in a 60ft narrowboat on the Stratford-Upon-Avon canal travelling to Birmingham to broadcast during the week and Hastings at weekends.

In a feeble, but admirable, attempt to garner some publicity Alex sent one of his prized mugs to Tony Blair MP hoping he would use it on TV during one of his relaxed "look at me I'm a statesman" sessions. There's been no luck so far but listeners continue to send in ideas of how to get the mugs on the telly.

Wherever he broadcasts he makes each programme his own. His "Best Time of the Day" show was once afforded the ultimate accolade when it was described by a trucker as being "like having a mate in the cab".

Whereabouts: Apart from regular fills for Sarah Kennedy, Terry Wogan and Johnnie Walker, Alex presents the early morning show on Radio 2 from 3:00am-6:00am weekdays, following Janice Long and prior to Sarah Kennedy.  

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