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Profile: Andy Crane: Born in 1964, Andy's beginning in broadcasting came in 1983 as a presenter for Manchester's Piccadilly Radio, featuring on Breakfast, Mid-Morning, Drivetime and The Flying Eye, but he was soon poached by Capital Radio and made the move south spending four years on Sunday mornings and late evenings from 1986-1990.  During this time, he also featured on a BBC Radio Four programme called 'The Cat's Whiskers' and between 1990 & 1995, presented what was then BBC Radio Five's start-up show 'Take Five'.  

In 1986 Andy took over in the 'broom cupboard' from Philip Schofield on Children's BBC and begin the role in the broom cupboard that would make him a household name.  He also moved on to other TV work including BBC's "Top of the Pops", ITV’s "Motormouth" and the subsequent "What’s Up Doc?" Saturday morning TV shows.

Other recent radio work has included hosting "Andy Crane and the Morning Crew" on 105.4 Century FM from 1998 to 2000.  However, Andy was reading a radio trade magazine one day to find that Capital Radio boss Paul Jackson, (son of ex-Capital Radio and 'Fame Academy boss Richard Park) had given someone else his Century breakfast slot.  Andy was not the only one to be 'shown the door' as at least eight others were given similar treatment.  Andy was sacked despite previous assurances others, just before Christmas when, it is reported, that Capital Radio had merely been waiting until his replacement had worked out his contract with arch-rival EMAP!  Paul Jackson later moved onto Virgin Radio.   Andy moved to Jazz FM, and then to Imagine FM.  

Between 1995 and 1998, Andy was anchorman for Flextech Television's satellite TV station 'The 'Family Channel', which later and more recently became 'Challenge TV'.  During this time, TV production company 'Action Time' devised a show just for him called 'Say The Word'

He's also presented a series of reports for BBC2's 'The Travel Show', four series of ITV's computer show, "Bad Influence", and appeared many other programmes including "The Lord Mayor’s Show", "The Children’s Royal Variety Performance", "Banzai", "The Big Breakfast", "This Morning" and on "Noel's House Party" to receive his "Gotcha Oscar".  He can even turn his hand to selling things - spending a short but very popular time on the now defunct satellite shopping channel 'Shop!'

Andy has been married to Caroline since 1994 and has 3 daughters, Eleanor, Annable and Beth, born 1994, 1996, and 1998 respectively.

Whereabouts: Andy is back currently working as host of the weekday breakfast show 07:00-10:00 for Jazz FM North West 100.4.

Here's Andy's full CV to date.  


Piccadilly Radio, Manchester. Breakfast, Drive Time, Mid-Morning, Afternoon, Flying Eye.


BBC Television. Children’s BBC, The O Zone, Top of the Pops, The Travel Show, Jim’ll Fix It, But First This.

Capital Radio, London. Sunday Mornings, Late Evenings.

BBC Radio Four. Cat’s Whiskers.


ITV Saturday Mornings. Motormouth (two series), What’s Up Doc? (three series).

ITV Factual Programmes. Bad Influence! (four series), Sixth Sense.

MCM Networking / Independent Local Radio. Syndicated Chat show.

BBC Radio 5. Take Five.


BBC Children’s Factual. Take Two.

ITV Religious Programmes. Sunday Live.


Challenge TV. Senior daily presenter (two years).

Cable and Wireless TV.  IQ & Brew.

Action Time / Flextech Television    Say the Word.


105.4 Century FM. Andy Crane and the Morning Crew.


VH-1 Live.

Border Television. Crucial.

Manchester Metro News. Weekly column.

2000 - 2001 

Jazz FM. Mid mornings.

Imagine FM. Mid mornings.

Granada Television. Shop! 


Media Consultant – Central Television, Birmingham.

Noel’s House Party ‘Gotcha Oscar’ Recipient!

Edinburgh Television Festival Session Chairman.

25 recorded titles for "Chivers Audio Books"

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