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Ashley Franklin: 'Andy' asks: 'Do you know what has happened to Ashley Franklin? He presented arts and music on Radio Derby for many years but seems to have disappeared, apart from the odd review in his name in the Derby Evening Telegraph.'   Ashley Franklin replies!

Profile: Ashley Franklin: A prominent and popular broadcaster around the East Midlands, Ashley appeared on various programmes on BBC Radio Derby for a considerable length of time, perhaps most notably the Sunday night 'Soundscapes' show, breaking and promoting new acts and music.  This ended in June 2000.  Ashley himself picks up the story.  

Whereabouts: Ashley Franklin replies! 'Hi.  I feel flattered that one of your members has asked about my whereabouts.  Thanks Andy!  I'm happy to fill you in on my moves since I left Radio Derby in June 2000.  What happened at the turn of 2000 was that my post as Arts & Entertainment Producer at BBC Radio Derby was axed in the latest (and last) round of BBC Local Radio cutbacks.  I lost my post 18 months after winning a 'Silver' at the British Sony Radio Awards, and after 22 years experience and expertise as a broadcaster.

I decided to leave rather than continue in some other capacity and I'm now enjoying a full freelance career incorporating feature writing for local and national publications; I'm also the theatre critic of the Derby Evening Telegraph; work one day a week doing Press and Marketing for the Derbyshire Community Foundation charity'; current producer of Kevin Fernihough's popular Mid-morning show two days a week at BBC Radio Stoke; and I've embarked on a career as a professional photographer.  I've been a hobby photographer for 20 years or more, and decided to turn my passion into a profession.  Check out my website - - selling my framed and mounted photo arrt, and look our for the Ashley Franklin Photographic Range of greetings cards - the first 8 cards will be in all Athena stores and many other outlets across the UK and around the world by the end of September 2003.

My contract with Radio Stoke comes to a close at the end of September 2003 which is fine by me as I want to concentrate more on the photo business.  Also, as I desperately miss the weekly 'Soundscapes' show I presented on Radio Derby (a mix of art rock, ambient, fusion/crossover, New Age), I'm keen to find a national platform for a vast body of accessible and melodic music that still doesn't get aired much, or at all, on British Radio.  About 18 months ago (early 2002), I was frustratingly close to gaining a weekly show of classical crossover music on Classic FM.  The station showed so much interest that I was invited to record a demo show at Classic FM's studios and then, after their great enthusiasm which built my hopes up, the station did an about turn and dumped the show proposal, losing its bottle to go with this brave idea.  However, I'm persevering with a Soundscapes-style show incorporating largely contemporary instrumental music - where, on British radio, can you hear Vangelis, Suzanne Ciani, Weather Report, Gordon Giltrap, Anne Dudley, Ozric Tentacles, Tangerine Dream?  I've made overtures to a radio station and there appears to be some interest.  I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, have a look at those tired old pictures on your wall and check out a certain web site!

Ashley Franklin

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