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Profile: Charles Nove: A Londoner by birth, afterwards, his family quickly moved to Glasgow in what Charles describes as 'a desperate, but futile, bid to shake me off.'  Boyhood instincts told him that his future was in broadcasting and in particular, radio - as a result, Charles has now clocked up over 20 years behind the microphone.  

And that very distinctive voice has been heard across the country on different jobs, as a radio presenter, a commercial voice-over artist and also as a television commentator.  Whilst BBC Radio 2 listeners have grown accustomed to long serving names still there today such as Colin Berry and Alan Dedicoat,  one voice noticeably missing has been that of Charles Nove who was regularly heard presenting 'Nightride', 'Friday Night Is Music Night' and also regular news bulletins.  He also had a notable stint at London's Melody FM.  His television credits include BBC TV's 'Come Dancing' as a voice-over, he's announced in between presentations at the Variety Club Awards and the World Circus Championships as screened on TV, and he also filled in for Alan Dedicoat as the voice of the balls on the National Lottery.   

Charles Nove left Radio 2 around the same time as colleague Steve Madden.  Both were replaced with female presenters as station management felt there was not enough female voices on the presenter list.  So, in came Katrina Leskanich - the lead singer of Katrina And The Waves, and Lynn Parsons 

Charles has two young sons, Jamie and Andrew, who keep him very busy outside of studio time.  Away from the studios, Charles' two young sons, Jamie and Andrew, make sure life is never dull!

Up until late 2002, Charles Nove could be heard on London's Jazz FM 102.2 where he presented the weekday 14:00-18:00 slot.  His show was also carried on the SKY DIGITAL service nationally via SKY's bank of radio channels.  He's now been replaced by Nicky Horne on the London station.  

In August 2003, Charles, and his house, were the subject of a BBC2 TV edition of 'Life Laundry', which saw Charles being forced to chuck out and clear piles of old videos, carts, reels of tape, wires, cables, bits of old mixers and general radio clutter - all of which and more, was either taken to a car boot sale, or put into a crusher.  The crusher sounded the death knell for classic items such as carts and a vintage Radio 2 mug!  Charles' house is now much clearer, but much less interesting, well from a radio point of view anyway!

Whereabouts: Thanks to Stuart Keeling for letting us know about Charles' departure from the station and also for advising that he has his own website, "The Official Charles Nove Website" which states that he left Drivetime on Jazz FM at the end of 2002.  He now does voiceover work and is the Managing Director of A1 Vox - sound studios in London.  If he crops up on radio again, which we're sure he will at some stage - don't forget to e-mail so that we can update the world!

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