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Profile: Danny Cox.  Danny was the afternoon show presenter on Derby's Radio Trent 945/TrentFM 102.8 until the parent company's takeover by the GWR group.  

Danny Cox recalls the Trent days: '....they were great days, and most of us still meet up from time to time. I'm still good friends with Andy Marriott (and have worked on a number of projects with him over the last 6 months), and remember Gary Burton? You'll see his name in the listings for the new digital BBC Radio service 6Music.  After the launch of Trent 945 we all went out and had a full friendly breakfast - it was a great feeling, we'd been working for a month on dry-runs so it was great to be live...'   Trent breakfasts at the Acropolis in Derby Market Place have since become legendary in station circles.  

Upon the takeover of Trent , Danny moved to East Anglian Radio Group station SGR-FM in Colchester to continue presenting what is believed to be the afternoon show.   It is believed that Danny moved to SGR to avoid GWR - but it only worked temporarily!  GWR took East Anglian Radio over too, swallowing Radio Broadland and SGR's stations too!

Since moving to Oxfordshire some years ago, he's lived in Garsington, Long Hanborough and Ducklington and enjoys exploring the Oxfordshire countryside, discovering new pubs and restaurants.  He also enjoys a nice portion of fish & chips and a good burger!  One of his trainers is positioned proudly on the wall of The Boot in Barnard Gate but he's still in mourning for his favourite burger bar, the now closed Brett's Burgers near Oxford railway station - which shut a few years ago.  

One of Danny's claims to fame is that he once featured in the background of an episode of 'Inspector Morse' - Danny still shows tape recording to his friends on regular occasions.  He's also a well know face on TV locally too anyway!

Apart from radio, his big passion is films, and Danny reckons he'll watch anything as long as it's at least 90 minutes long and has titles at either end.  

Whereabouts: After being lost in the broadcasting wilderness completely, Danny has recently turned up presenting brief television travel news bulletins on Carlton TV's Midlands franchise. 

Following his time at SGR FM in Colchester, Danny moved to Capital Radio-owned Fox FM in Oxford where he started presenting mid mornings 9:00am - 12:00noon and Saturday breakfast.  His slot is still on Saturday Breakfast 6:00am-10:00am, but his weekday slot has shunted forward an hour from 10:00am-1:00pm

LATEST NEWS: Sources report that Danny is also doing a lot of production work for Forever Broadcasting stations including Peak 107 (Chesterfield) & The Wolf (Wolverhampton) and we've also received reports that he's been heard on the Juice stations too.  

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