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Many thanks go to Diana Luke herself for allowing the following information to be published on AIRCHECK.  

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Profile: Diana Luke: Diana is a Canadian who has been living in Britain for over 25 years.  However, she is frequently asked whether she is on holiday, what part of the United States she is from, whether she is Irish and is also regularly admired for her accent.  She thinks that some of her ancestors from County Cork join her when she has a drink because the Irish intonation seems to be more prevalent then.

Her eclectic career began in health when she studied Nursing but left when she realised that bed pans and injections were considered more important than saying "How ya doin?'" She then went to train as a Health and Fitness Adviser, then left for England.  She worked in Adult Education as a  Lecturer in Health Education and also ran groups and saw patients in three general practices.   Her innovative work was filmed for Channel Four's Wellbeing Series and on Yorkshire TV.

Her first acting role came in a BBC2 programme where she played a TV show host.  Then came the lucky fluke of being in the right place at the right time.  She was asked to take part in a 'round table' discussion on 'love and sex' at Hallam FM - her provocative statements got her her first radio job at Viking Radio in Hull as their first female presenter.

Her career than took her down to London for many new beginnings including work at the BBC and Jazz FM.  She has now come full circle for "quality of life" back to Sheffield.  A few years ago, she trained as a professional Hypno-Psychotherapist and works with clients on self-confidence issues, relationship problems, stress management etc.  She also does Tarot readings for private clients and even managed an evening of Tarot for up to 200 people in London.

She is the mother of four grown up children who are great friends and lives with her youngest daughter, her radio star dog Brandy and Tia, her cat.  In her spare time, she enjoys walking in the beautiful countryside surrounding Sheffield, visiting country pubs, reading a good novel or a self-awareness book, chatting with friends and listening to music - loudly!  She has begun writing two novels and hopes to finish them one day!

For those in the know, she is a Cancerian Water Snake with a Life Path of 4!

Diana's Voice Experience includes:

Here's Diana's radio career listings to date:

2002 Late Night Presenter on Peak 107, Chesterfield
2001 Late Night Presenter on Hallam FM, Sheffield
2000 Jazz FM: Breakfast Cover - Manchester & London, Minister FM: Mid Morning Cover
1999 Mercury FM weekends, LBC London Holiday Cover Overnights
1998 Mercury FM Sussex holiday cover weekday afternoons
1998 Training & Development Consultant CMB London
1998 Trainer & Presenter - Women's Radio Group
1997 Talk Radio London cover weekends
1996 BBC Southern Counties Surrey weekends and weekday holiday cover
1994 Viva London Head of Music and afternoon weekday presenter
1990 BBC GLR London weekday afternoon presenter
1989 Jazz FM London breakfast presenter
1989 Presenter Inflight Entertainment
1988 Superstation - satellite sustaining service across Britain - late night presenter
1988 County Sound Surrey - mid morning presenter
1987 Yorkshire Radio Network - swing jock
1987 Finalist for North of England Personality of the Year - only female of the eight
1986 Viking Radio Hull - first female presenter

Whereabouts:  Diana now works from home in her digital recording studio doing voice work internationally.  This includes radio station imaging, automated shows, Inflight programmes, narrative work and voiceovers for TV and radio.  In early 2003, she finished presenting 'Diana Luke's Sunday Night Love Songs' from 10:00pm-1:00am and the Weekday Afternoon Show 3:00pm-7:00pm at Chesterfield's Peak 107 (now owned by Forever Broadcasting)  Having originally presented Friday and Saturday nights for Real Radio Yorkshire 106-108 10:00pm - 1:00am, she is now presenting the same slot five nights a week at the regional station.  This ties in nicely with her other radio job, presenting 'Smooth Jazz' for East Midlands regional station SAGA 106.6FM from 8:00pm-10:00pm on a Saturday night.  

Many thanks go to Diana Luke herself for allowing the above information to be published on AIRCHECK.  

Please visit Diana's site at for more information.

For more about her personal development/therapy work, please visit

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