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Profile/Whereabouts: Fran Godfrey:   Born in Hampstead on 29th June, Frances Helen Godfrey left England at the age of two to live in South Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), returning four years later with parents and brothers Tony and Nick to live for a short time near Oxford, before moving to Highcliffe in Dorset.  Fran was educated at the Convent of the Cross, and the Polytechnic of Central London (now Westminster University), before moving into secretarial work. 

Having spent quite a few years working as a secretary in London and her home town of Bournemouth, in 1980, Fran visited the independent local radio station for Bournemouth, 2CR for an interview.  Successful in her interview, she began as a technical operator or 'tech-op' as it's known in the trade.  After two years in this post, she became Assistant to the Commercial Producer and was responsible for writing and producing programming content.  A further two years later, she moved into the broadcasting side and presented her first show, with stints on breakfast, lunch (including carrying out some star interviews), live cookery in the station kitchen, outside broadcasts, and an on-air review of the week plus evening programming and phone-ins.  

Programming policy changed to one of largely music in 1990 when the station was 'GWR'd' and it was at this stage that Fran sought a new challenge at Radio 2 in September of that year but on a six-month contract.  Fran said: 'I'm not sure whether or not they realise my contract has expired!  

Fran Godfrey is known to Radio 2 listeners for her news reading and regular chats with Terry Wogan on 'Wake Up To Wogan'.   She only states that she is 'the wrong side of 40'.

Along with the many technical changes which happened at the station shortly after she joined, Fran admits that the job has changed a great deal over 10 years. 'It certainly took on a new dimension when Terry returned to his rightful place on the breakfast show. It was clear from the outset he was never going to treat his newsreaders in a serious and distant way, but use us as a foil to his ready wit and great capacity to tease. Terry's listeners have joined in, involving themselves in the lives of us lot with alacrity, enormous imagination and great good humour.  Where would we be without you all? Really, where would we be?'

She is indebted to her brothers, Tony and Nick for endlessly ribbing her from an early age which has mentally prepared her for the similar treatment she gets from show host Terry Wogan
.  Despite this teasing, she still holds him as her favourite broadcaster, stating that 'working the early shift adds a different dimension to her working day'.  Terry is reported to give her a hug every morning when she serves him his 'holy ghost' (toast).  A rapport has developed whereby Terry flirts with her, but on behalf of the listeners.

Fran cites her best moment as also her worst.  She interviewed Sir Cliff Richard when she was quite young and therefore dumbstruck in his presence.  Her co-presenter turned to Fran and said "What would you like to ask Cliff?".  All Fran could say was "Why are you wearing a red tracksuit?". 

Fran lives in Central London, close enough to be able to walk to work.  She sort of' looks after a retired priest - Fran is a Catholic - which tends to take up her time, and her fondest radio memory is of the wireless having to warm up before being able to listen to 'Round The Horne', 'The Men From The Ministry' and 'The Navy Lark'.

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