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Profile: Gary Burton: Gary has been behind a microphone since his teens, first taking to the air under his real name Mark Shaw, on Derby's hospital radio station, Radio Link, working alongside people who were his colleagues both then and in the future, such as Richard 'Dick' Stone' & Colin Woolley.    

The first record he ever played on the radio, probably at Radio Link's Studio 1, was Racey's 'Some Girls'.  He is reminded of his school days by the Rush song 2112.   This taste for rock music is echoed by Gary's choice for a long car journey - 'Load' by Metallica.    In stark contrast, though, over his radio career so far, he finds Cameo's 'Word Up' quite amusing, and should he have to rescue a CD from a house-fire, it would be 'The Showbiz Kids Collection' by Steely Dan.  

The name change to Gary Burton happened upon the exodus of presenters to Radio Trent in Nottingham and Derby, courtesy of Trent on-air boss Len Groat, who is known for changing many presenters names to 'more radio friendly sounding ones'.  

During his time at what was then Midlands Radio plc, he was the breakfast show presenter for Trent FM in Nottingham, 103.2 Leicester Sound, and more recently, the Border owned Century 106, (where a lot of ex-Trent names appeared working for David Lloyd, Colin included), and Gary was the first presenter on Kiss 102, now Galaxy, in Manchester.  He was also acting programme controller of Galaxy 105 in Yorkshire.

Gary has loved music since he was a kid and the thought of being in control of it all and being the centre of attention inspired him to become a DJ.   He is labelled as being a Derby County fan and as such, has developed a very thick skin!

The first record Gary bought was a Beatles EP, not new but at a jumble sale - had a momentous time at the Manchester Apollo watching Beck in concert, and really wished he could've been at one of The Who's gigs to see Keith Moon in particular.

Whereabouts: Gary appeared on the BBC's sixth radio station, the digital service 'BBC 6Music' getting away with all sorts on
The Night Train, Weekends 0000-0600
Monday 0000-0700.  To date, Gary's other radio interests are not known.  6Music is also available on SKY Digital as well as DAB networks. 
UPDATE: A check with BBCi 14th January 2002 showed that Steve Harris was to take over from Gary.  We e-mailed Gary to find out what he's up to....and he said: 

Hey matey!

Thanks for writing. No, I'm not off anywhere (unless there is something that I don't know...!). Steve fills in for me when I dep. on other shows. I'm doing Sunday afternoon this week and the Weekday Night Trains.

Hope all is well with you

GB's as you were, and Gary is staying at 6Music!

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