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Profile: Sean Goldsmith: Sean has been a bit difficult to track over more recent months.  He spent some time working on Centre-FM for Tamworth, Lichfield and Burton-Upon-Trent on Weekday Breakfast and Weekend programming amongst others, where he gained a loyal following (Editor included).

He left Centre-FM and seemingly disappeared without trace ...

Sean Goldsmith sent in an e-mail in on 24th February 2003 and picks up his story....! 'Hello...just came across your site by accident - my update since Centre FM is - Hallam FM breakfast show producer / co-presenter on 'Big John @ Breakfast' then a short stint at Juice in Brighton doing mid-mornings, then..Century 106...and now at Peak 107 the show runs 6-9.  Before Centre FM, I did Mercia FM breakfast and before than, evenings on Trent FM and Leicester Sound.  Good website by the way, great to see what others are doing...keep up the good work.  Sean.  

...thanks go to Sean for getting in touch and for his comments.   Of course, he appeared on the breakfast show of Century 106 along with sidekick Paula White, as a replacement for Ian Skye.  However, this didn't last long and he upped sticks from here after only a short time - reasons unknown by AIRCHECK.  (e-mail with more info if you know!)

Sean's role model is ex-Radio 1, now BBC Radio Five Live's Simon Mayo, despite having to get up for a breakfast show for so long, he finds getting up in a morning difficult, and when asked how he gets up, states '...slowly...'.  Amongst his favourite smells are crumpets and new magazines, he would be played in a movie by Ferris Bueller, (Matthew Broderick played Ferris in the teen-flick Ferris Bueller's Day Off), and if he had 1million would buy a large house and over half a dozen Subaru Imprezzas.  His favourite pop video is Madonna's 'Open Your Heart', is reported to have broken CD players and computers whilst on air, and would most like Ant & Dec's job.  (Sean & Sean then? Ed.)

Amongst the celebs he's interviewed are Chaka Demus & Pliers ('Tease Me', 'I Wanna Be Your Man' etc) S Club 7, and the Human League.  Sean suggested that all the Human League songs sounded the same, to which Phil Oakey is believed to have got up and walked out leaving him with the two girls.

Whereabouts: As Sean said, you can now catch him on Peak 107 in Chesterfield, now owned by Forever Broadcasting.  He presents the 6am-9am slot weekdays with his co-presenter, Becky Measures.  

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