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Profile: Kenny Hague:  Kenny's entry on to the Aircheck came from a source we won't disclose here!  But we're glad he's joined the ever-growing list of favourite presenters here on the AIRCHECK TRACKER.  Kenny is another of the Midlands Radio greats, spending his time on Leicester Sound/Sound-FM from it's inception and Nottingham's Radio Trent 301.  Kenny shared a jingle with Trent-FM (102.8 Derby) breakfast show presenter Dick Stone, which, in Kenny's case was sung  'Sound FM ...Kenny Hague in the morning .... Sound FM' (available on cassette from the AIRCHECK ARCHIVE along with other Trent jingle favourites). 

Kenny first got into radio with a show on BBC Radio Leicester called, at the time, ‘Music Power’. It was produced by now ex-Radio One DJ Adrian Juste. Kenny feels it was the first show to have its own car stickers and Kenny still has a copy of the Radio Times with a picture of him on it too!

Kenny has his own disco roadshow which enables him to have loads of fun - he also has a full motorcycle licence and has been known to burn a bit of rubber from time to time - he also like a bit of DIY, (he's a biit of a fix-it man) and cooking.

His most embarrassing moment on air was when he spilt a drink on the equipment that sent sparks around the studio….(how many presenters have done that .... well ME for a start-off! Ed) Kenny is now believed to wear a crash helmet when on air.  He's most proud of the time when he broadcast part of a show while wing walking 2,000 feet in the air on a plane at the Leicester Air Show. To make matters even more difficult, the safety straps came loose (Leicester Mercury headlines ‘DJ on the wing of a prayer’)  The story made prominent local news!

Amongst his favourite interviewees, there's Noele Gordon (Meg Mortimer from Crossroads) & Larry Grayson on the phone from his home …. they did all the talking.  Whilst attending a concert at Leicester's De Montfort Hall, he also spoke to a very young Michael Jackson when he was the youngest member of the Jackson Five.

He loves Mexican food, including margaritas, and German bread and schnapps, and most enjoys travelling to South Africa and Baja in Mexico, remarking on the vast amount of space there.

Whereabouts: After working on BBC Radio Leicester's (104.9FM) Sunday night show 9pm-midnight, he can now be heard on Saturday mornings 9.00am - 12.00noon.  The station chose to cease local transmissions at 9:00pm, hence Kenny's move to what is arguably more of a primetime slot.  Thanks to Simon Parry for sending the update.

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