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Profile: Ian Skye: A West Midlander by birth, having grown up in Lickey End, near Bromsgrove, Ian (real name Ian Wickens) delayed his working life by heading off to study in Kent.  Having completed a degree in German, and a fair old amount of time on University Radio, his destiny became radio.  Along the way, he met up with a lass called Claire, whom he married in 1997, by Loch Lomond in Scotland.  Together, they have two young daughters, and a taste for red wine.

Ian's radio roots start in University Radio but he left there to work as a Journalist at Wyvern-FM in Worcestershire, with occasional shifts at TFM, then he moved to GWR group with swing shifts at Bristol, Swindon and Bath, mostly getting up early for breakfast programming.  His move around continued at GWR Midlands station, RAM-FM where he teamed up with Joanna Russell.  Most noticeably, Ian and Joanna were seen in station publicity for the show, sitting on a Derby City Centre bench, stark naked with strategic placing of associated props.  Capital Radio stations Southern FM, Invicta & EMAP's Metro-FM followed then he moved back to the Midlands.

Having suffered the nightmare of endless repeating of the phrase 'today's better music mix'  Ian made the trip to Nottingham, along with his friend and RAM-FM producer, Pete Allen to start 'Morning Skye' on 106 Century FM (East Midlands) taking over from Sean Goldsmith, who himself, had only been on the breakfast show for a short time.   

Both Ian and Pete were dismissed from Century during the height of the 'War Against Terror' post September 11th 2001 after airing a spoof version of the Banana Boat song reworded to suit - it was aired twice, once live and then again on the weekend highlights show.  After the dismissal, they went their separate ways, albeit ending up at radio stations run by the same group.  (After a short spell at Peak 107 in Chesterfield, and swing presentation work at sister station The Wolf in Wolverhampton, Pete has returned to RAM-FM where he presents Saturday Breakfast & Sunday afternoons.  He's also working for Andy Miller's stage management business, Crowdpullers with Andy's brother Stuart.)

In February 2003, having been dismissed from Century in October 2001, both Ian & Pete sought a court hearing in front of an employment tribunal in Nottingham.  However, both received out of court settlements from Capital Radio plc and the hearing was cancelled.  

Whereabouts: Ian is now back in his native West Midlands, on Forever Broadcasting's 107.7 The Wolf which services Wolverhampton.  Ian says this is where... "the best people in the UK live..."  He presents a show under the same title as during his stint at Century - 'Morning Skye' which airs Monday to Friday 6:00am--9:00am, 'Music On Demand' which follows weekdays from 9:00am-10:00am, and there's also a 'Morning Skye' 'Best Of' show (also matching his previous shows at Century and RAM which both had weekend highlights shows) 11:00am-2:00pm on Saturdays.  

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