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Profile: Jezza: Born in 1965 as Jeremy Kyle, his first radio memory was what he describes as ' indiscreet moment with a girl in Lyme Regis, next to the Radio 1 Roadshow stage...'  This was in 1980.  As far as his career has gone so far, he was actually a recruitment manager, and sold radio advertising before joining Kent's Invicta FM in 1996 to present an evening show.  After a short time at Orchard FM, 1997 saw a move to the Midlands, Birmingham to be precise, where he won a Sony Award for the Best Evening Show 'Late And Live' at 96.4FM BRMB, Sunday to Friday from 10:00pm-1:00am. He also earned a nomination for the CRCA's Presenter of the Year Awards in 2000.   The 'Confessions' programme that he now been so well known for presenting was carried when he moved to the Century network.  He stayed with the them for a short time, before moving to Virgin, taking the 'Confessions' format with him.  

His show isn't just an excuse for listening to people's troubles for the sake of it.  A production team, backed up by the resources of support groups, offer external help and support where required.  Jezza aims never to judge or patronise callers to the show - instead offering non-biased advice, tthe chance to get things of the caller's chest as well as putting those out of line rightly and publicly in their place.  

Jezza lives in the Berkshire countryside with wife Carla.  Carla married a complete stranger - Greg Cordell, as part of an on-air competition on BRMB and shared 50.000 - the wedding was held just minutes after the couple first met.  The marriage lasted only three months - Carla being comforted during the difficult times by Jezza himself, then station jock, and romance blossomed between them. 

He also has a teenage daughter from his first marriage, and he used to play golf for Berkshire.  His handicap was four but it is believed to vary from game to game nowadays.  

Whereabouts: Jezza is now presenting 'Virgin Confessions' on Virgin Radio each weekday evening 9:00pm-1:00am.  He made the move from Monday 1st July 2002.  He says that he '...never planned a radio career, so to be on national radio doing this show after only six years in broadcasting was fantastic.'.

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