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Profile: John Brunning: Born in 1954, John is a former professional guitarist, and played lead guitar for Mungo Jerry (In The Summertime).  He moved to local radio in 1986, joining Classic FM as a news reader in 1992.

Amongst John's memorable radio moments, he was around when Classic FM won the 'New York Radio Festival Gold Award in 1996 for coverage of the bombing of Canary Wharf, but a bad moment for him personally was when he was present as the then GPO raided his family home to end two years of transmitting an unlicenced pirate radio station called 'Radio Free Colchester' from his bedroom.  John was fifteen at the time so escaped prosecution by the authorities!

His first radio memories are of listening to Pete Murray, David Jacobs and Alan Freeman broadcasting on Radio Luxembourg.   He still lives in Colchester with his wife Jill and their two sons, Christopher, born in 1987, and Dominic, born in 1989.  Both are interested in music and the elder already plays John's old guitar, a 1950's Fender Jazzmaster.

John's ambition is to finally sort a vast collection of 3,000 CDs into order.

Whereabouts: John is the presenter of Classic FM's 'Classic Newsnight' Monday to Friday 6:30-7:00pm and 'Smooth Classics', Sunday to Friday 7:00pm-9:00pm

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