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Profile: Liz Kershaw: Liz is the brother of Andy Kershaw, but both hold BBC broadcasting careers in their own right.  Liz was one part of the Bruno & Liz breakfast show combination on BBC Radio 1.  However, she started her career as a pop columnist for the Yorkshire Post, which in turn led to being given a weekly show on Radio Aire. This was followed by a move to nearby BBC station Radio Leeds, from where a natural move came to Radio 1.

Here, she presented a music magazine show called 'Backchat' which won her a Sony Award - then she moved on to an Evening Show before landing the breakfast show with Bruno Brookes.  Take a look in the Guinness Book Of Hit Singles under 'B' for Bruno and you'll be referred to 'K' for Liz KERSHAW & Bruno BROOKES!   Bruno & Liz reached No.53 and stayed in the charts for 2 weeks in December 1989 with a cover of Kim Weston & Marvin Gaye's 'It Takes Two', where they were joined by Jive Bunny and London Beat.  All proceeds went to Children In Need.   The duo also hit the charts again, staying around for just one week and reaching No.54 in December of 1990 with 'Let's Dance'   On this second occasion, Bruno made up for Liz's credit being first in the 'Hit Singles' book by getting the disc catalogued BRUNO 1 on the label and in record history.  Bruno & Liz were joined by the other Radio 1 DJ Posse on this second release.

Radio 5 was Liz Kershaw's next port of radio call, presenting a popular phone in show up to 1994 and the relaunch of Radio 5 as Five Live.  Upon the station revamp, she moved to the Saturday morning show.  1992 saw a move to BBC Radio Northampton, helping to double the audience of the BBC local station, warming up for Bernie Keith from 6:30am-9:00am weekdays.  

Personally, the first record she purchased was Status Quo's 'Paper Plane' - this didn't go down too well with her parents who took a dislike to pop music in general - the song only hit the record player when her folks went out.  Her first taste of live music came in 1973 witnessing Rod Stewart in concert, but it isn't the Scottish star that hits the soft spot - REM's Everybody Hurts was playing in her car on the 'Automatic For The People' album when she received a call to say her Grandma hadn't got long to live.  The time spent getting to hospital as quickly as law would allow was filled with Michael Stipe repeating 'Hold on...'   To this day, Liz can't listen to the tune.  

Liz's favourite night-time listening includes Van Morrison's 'Moondance', Free's 'Heartbreaker' and Pink Floyd's 'Echoes' but she ranks Motorhead's 'Ace Of Spades' high in her memories, as it was at a concert listening to Lemmy belting that classic out that she kissed the father of her children for the very first time.  Arrrr!  Innit nice?

Finally, a bit of little known trivia about Liz - she was once in a rock band with Carol Vorderman!

Whereabouts: Trev Edwards from Preston adds: 'Saw your Tracker on Liz Kershaw. She is now on each weekday on 6Music, the BBC's digital radio station. Very good show and on each weekday 13:00 - 16:00. Regards ...'   Thanks also go to Stuart Keeling for telling us she'd left BBC Radio Northampton.  

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