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Paul Flanagan asked AIRCHECK for a profile of the ex-Radio Tees presenter: 'I know where he is now....Garrison Radio/Scot FM and somewhere else - but I can't find a page/info with a profile of him from his Radio Tees days - any help ?  Well Paul, we've done some research and these are the results so far...our efforts to research back to the Radio Tees days go on...

Profile: Me Mark Page: We say this because, this is how Mark describes himself, owing to the usual introductory habit of radio presenters to say the word 'me' before saying the name.  To date, Mark has been on around 35 different radio stations.  Amongst them are Radio 1, Radio Five Live, Scot FM (Now Real Radio Scotland), Aire FM (Leeds), The Pulse (Bradford), Clyde 1 (Glasgow), Home FM (Huddersfield) and of course, Radio Tees (now TFM Teeside).

Mark's favourite video is 'Good Morning Vietnam' ... his all time hero, Middlesbrough footballers Juninho and John a roll, out of a choice of bacon or cheese, Mark would choose a bowl, out of a choice of soup or cereal, he'd pick Tesco maple & pecan cereal, adding that it makes '...great sawdust...'

The facts continue...unusually, his favourite vacuum cleaner is the Dyson..he had a Panasonic but it was a Junior Disco model...he has a cup of tea in a coffee style, i.e. he hates tea and so has coffee, white with one sugar.  On a plate, along with his food, he likes nothing more than Hammond's Chop Sauce.

Whereabouts: Mark can now be heard on Garrison Radio's various low power AM frequencies (1287 for Aldershot, Catterick & Bulford/Tidworth and 1350 for Colchester plus as Paul has already advised.  Scot FM has now morphed into Real Radio Scotland and we can't trace Mark to being there here's a few more forces facts....his favourite bit of Army kit is the mighty Challenger Tank and if he was to be in the Army, he'd be a General and that's the least rank he'd be!

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