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Profile: Neil Fox: Neil Andrew Howe Fox grew up wanting to be an astronaut.  His first real job however was selling plastic bags.  Neil's interest for radio came whilst in the United States finishing off a Business and Marketing Degree.  Although Foxy himself is quoted as saying "To be perfectly honest, I hadn't a clue what I wanted to do for a career.  As I had always been very physically active I had seriously considered an army commission but then I heard 102.7 Kiss FM Los Angeles and I just knew that my mission in life, should I choose to accept it, was to be a Kranker !"   Having graduated, it is believed he got a 'doctorate' hence the title 'Dr. Fox'. 

Having got his degree, he blagged himself a job back home at Worcester's Radio Wyvern as a station 'dogsbody'.  However, this is where the Fox learned his craft with some unique on-air and live stage show appearances.  The travel bug then seeped into his veins once more, and he moved over the 'The Great 208 - Radio Luxembourg.'   Here he presented a prime-time slot called 'Rockin Britain' for nine months up until October 1987.

In this time, he gained his helicopter pilot's licence, learned to ride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to great extents, and discovered his love for surfing and windsurfing.  Infact, Neil is quite a sportsman and is currently developing his tennis and squash skills.

is host of the Pepsi Chart, the UK?s No. 1 rated chart show, and the voice of the Pepsi Chart TV show on Channel 5. He has also won five awards at the prestigous Sony Awards. 

His biggest radio break to date was on September 28th 1987 when he joined London's 95.8 Capital FM - a station he calls 'the greatest radio station in the world.'  In his time in radio so far, he's won four New York World Radio Awards, eight Sony Awards including the 'Gold Award for Broadcaster of the Year', six 'Smash Hits National DJ of the Year' awards and in 1999, he won the 'Commercial Radio Broadcaster of the Year' award.  Outside of radio, he won the 'Knot' badge at Cubs!

Also outside of the radio biz, Neil is into TV production, is the part owner of and he also runs an aviation company.  He counts a distinguishing mark as 'an over-active mouth', is married to wife Victoria, and has two children, Scarlet Emily and the recently born Jack Presley Roy - the birth of which was announced right here on AIRCHECK RADIO NEWS!

Neil says his most annoying habit is continuously talking with his hands, (although his wife Victoria says it's actually picking his nose!), he ranks his DJ-ing style as 'Loud and proud, fast 'n' funny, tight 'n' bright - on a good day!).  He has made far too many on-air mistakes to quote the biggest - on a size of one to ten, (one being self-effacing and ten, the size of a house, Neil ranks his ego as '8'.  Three words he says best describe him are 'honest, real, live life to the MAX'.  

He's most likely to say '...what a fantastic day, isn't life great' and least likely to say 'I hate everything, including London', and would like to be remembered for '...being a decent human being....'.  If Neil wasn't Neil, he'd be (no big surprises here....' an astronaut, either Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, both being the first men to walk on the moon.  

Although having an involvement in TV production, Neil has appeared in front of camera more and more over recent years.  Perhaps most noticeably, he's host of the Pepsi Chart, formerly the Network Chart show, which airs on independent local radio, and the voice of the Pepsi Chart TV show on Channel 5.  Upon the start of ITV1's 'Popstars' and 'Pop Idol', Neil became widely known for being on the panel along with Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman  - helping to discover Will Young, Gareth Gates, Darius Danesh and the Cheeky Girls!   In 2002, Neil very ably presented an award at the very first British Music Awards which was presented by Martine McCutcheon.  

Whereabouts:  So having started work for Capital Radio London,  he's currently presenting 'Foxy’s Big Drive Home', 4pm 'til 8pm.Monday – Friday, and the 'Juke Box' on Sundays from 7-8pm directly on 95.8 Capital FM.  He took over the reins of the Network/Pepsi Chart on Sunday at 4pm from David Jensen, a show he has now made his own.

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