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Profile: Patrick Lunt:  Patrick first dreamt of working in Radio when he fell asleep listening to his crystal set at the age of seven - which suggests that he is not perhaps as young as he might appear.  Be that as it may, they say that good things improve with age rather than going off, and we hope that this is true in Patrick's case.  The other good things arrive in little packages - but Patrick may be the exception to the rule (assuming the word 'good' applies!): he claims to be 6ft 5ins tall.

Patrick Lunt has been a broadcaster, narrator and Voiceover Artiste for more than 25 years. His voice has been heard on programme trailers on BBC1, BBC Television News, and the Laurence Olivier Awards.  In 1978, and after a spell with BFBS, the forces broadcaster, on this occasion in Germany, he joined BBC Radio 2.  So, for over 20 years, Patrick has appeared as a programme presenter, newsreader, and continuity announcer.  He has maintained his work for BFBS from their UK headquarters and can often be heard on BFBS Radio 2.

He has also spent 4 years working for Manx Radio as a presenter on Radio TT, where he used his German to present a bilingual programme for visiting bikers.  It also meant he had a chance to ride a few laps around the TT course, but somewhat slower than the competitors.  Amongst other jobs, in 2001, he produced, edited and voiced the Rally NewsDesk updated on Red Dragon Rally FM - covering the Network Q Rally in Wales and he also voiced the commentary on the shooting events at the National Rifle Association ranges at Bisley in the 2002 Commonwealth Games.  

He narrates documentary programmes on the Discovery Channel - voicing such programmes as Extreme Machines and The Raging Planet series and he is also asked to voice corporate video programmes and training films as well as commercials on both radio and television.  

If asked his interests, he would probably include music, travel, gardening, crosswords, humour and nice people.  Are you one?

Whereabouts: He went freelance after leaving Radio 2 but he still reads the news on the station, usually on Sunday evenings.  He also has his own website at which offers more information on Patrick's varied voiceover services and client base.  

Our thanks go to 'sengafl' for contacting AIRCHECK with information.  

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