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Paul Burnett for Capital Gold, London

Profile: Paul Burnett: Manchester born Paul Burnett comes from a show-business family - his musical director father being a former bandleader.  Paul first began broadcasting with AFBA while serving with the RAF in Aden in the mid-Sixties.  He bought himself out and became resident DJ in a northern dance hall.  This was followed by a short stint with offshore radio.  Paul then spent seven years with commercial radio before joining BBC Radio 1 in March 1974.  He presented his own three-hour show every Sunday from 10am-1pm.  

A Radio 1 magazine from 1976 said this about Paul at the time: 'His wife, Nicole, a former air stewardess, is a Luxembourger who speaks four languages.  They have two sons, Darren Paul and Philip Michael.  Paul who lives near Windsor, enjoys driving but emphasises 'My work is my hobby'.

Whereabouts: Paul is more recently known for a return to Commercial Radio with Capital Gold - he has more recently featured on the Classic Gold network.

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