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Profile: Phil Kennedy: Phil Kennedy was once almost Dr. Kennedy but dropped out of medical school to become a DJ.  His radio career started not at University Radio or Hospital Radio but at Radio Top Shop in the centre of London.  From there, he was talent spotted by Radio 1 and moved over to present the Saturday evening show.

Since then, he's worked around the UK at stations in Manchester, (Piccadilly Key 103),  Liverpool and Cardiff.  Also during the 1980s, he then came back to his hometown, London, to work for Richard Branson's ILR sustaining service, off air known as Radio Radio, on-air known as The Superstation where he presented the syndicated nighttime show, 10:00pm-2:00am, working alongside names such as John Kenning, Diana Luke, and Peter Grant.  During his show, he hosted late-night but very popular feature 'Kennedy's Classic Cuts' where the audience could call to select three tracks out a of select group - tracks such as Foreigner's 'Cold As Ice', Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall', The Stranglers' 'Peaches(!!!), Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing In The Dark' and other tracks of a similar ilk.  

Radio Radio went to the 'Wall Wall' and Phil joined the BBC to host sports programmes in 1990.  By 1994, he'd taken one last good full night of sleep before starting the early show on BBC GLR.  These early mornings continued up to 1999 when he joined Virgin Radio where he presented the early show from 4:30am.  In between, he also popped up on BBC Radio Berkshire, presenting a morning show from 1994, and an afternoon show on BBC Thames Valley FM in 1996 where he stayed for 18 months.  He left there to concentrate on his work at GLR..  Phil left Virgin Radio in 2002, and up to where he is now, also appeared on BBC Radio's sixth radio service, aired digitally and via SKY DIGITAL, BBC 6 Music.

Phil also presents live Premiership and European football for the US satellite TV network, Showtime, and has recently appeared on Channel 4 presenting football from Hong Kong.  He's married and has a fourteen month old baby.

Whereabouts: Phil remains in London as he has done for some time, and can be heard on Chrysalis Radio's London station, Heart 106.2 Saturday and Sundays from Noon 'til 3:00pm.  The London Heart service can be heard nationally on SKY DIGITAL radio channels.

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