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Profile: Robbie Vincent: Robbie's first avenue into the media world was as a newspaper reporter.  However, during the 1053/1089 era, just as avenues into FM began, Robbie was at BBC Radio 1 where he presented some avidly followed soul shows - following his departure from there, he joined London's talk and news station, LBC.   

Also in the 1980's, Robbie was seen with Debbie Greenwood on BBC television's 'Hospital Watch', a live show from the country's hospitals.   He joined Jazz FM in 1994, presenting a weekly Sunday morning show called 'Jazz Flavours'.   He took a short break after a short term with the station but rejoined in 1997. 

Up until recently, January 2003 to be precise, Robbie Vincent was still at London's Jazz FM 102.2 presenting the weekday Breakfast Show 07:00-10:00 and the morning show on Sundays 10:00-12:00.

Gill writes: '..during the 70's, Robbie played regular gigs at the California Ballroom in Dunstable.  If you don't know it, it was the biggest soul venue in the south of England.  When the Ballroom was due to be knocked down in 1980, Robbie cancelled his gigs to make sure he could be there for the last night.  That was on December 31st 1979.  He played to a packed house, but it was the saddest gig ever.  Half the crowd were in tears.'

Whereabouts: Steve Morson sent this update:  'I was just checking your web page for the whereabouts of Robbie.  I've been waiting for him to return to Jazz FM, but according to this site: ...he's officially left.  

Rumours are evident (as seen via the above link) that Robbie has had disagreements with JazzFM management over music policy - which led to his departure.  A recent Wednesday morning featured news that he would not be returning, despite earlier news stating that he was unwell.  Reports on the forum show a hint that some repetition had set in, with queries as to whether Robbie was fighting against this.  

Anymore on Robbie's radio story?  We're tracking him at this very moment.  If so, e-mail - thanks!

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