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John seemingly relaxing at Century 106

Profile: John Rockley:  JR's first moves into pro-radio came at BBC Radio Nottingham where he started work as a travel reporter.  But he certainly has moved around -  John was another of David Lloyd's team at Century 106 when Border Radio still owned it.  John moved into North Nottinghamshire to Mansfield 103.2, but then went on to established himself on BBC Radio Stoke 5:00am-6:30am weekdays and Saturdays 12noon-2:00pm.  All in all, John has featured on stations in Bradford, Derby (Trent FM 102.8), Stoke-On Trent (BBC Radio Stoke), Leicester (Leicester Sound), Shrewsbury, Hereford and Birmingham.   John has been quoted as saying 'Basically anywhere that will pay me and I'm available for parties!'  The high point of John's career so far was asking Chris De Burgh 'Do you every get sick of 'Lady In Red'?  Because we do...!'

When he's not on the radio, John enjoys riding motorcycles, lying about his education, avoiding wasps, and trying to find his way around without getting lost!  

Whereabouts: John Rockley wrote to AIRCHECK on 15th January 2003 to say: 'It's amazing what you find when doing vanity searches :-)  I'm now doing Weekday Lunch at BBC Radio Gloucestershire...12-3.  John Rockley. 

Thanks to John for getting in touch with the site!  Another of the many presenters to visit and comment on AIRCHECK!

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