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Profile: Scott Mills:  Born in 1975, Scott holds the mantle of being the youngest full-time radio presenter, aged sixteen, this dating back to his radio infancy, when he was at Southampton's Ocean Sound in 1991.  Prior to this, his first moment of going ga-ga for the medium came listening to Annie Nightingale in her familiar old Radio 1 slot after the Top 40 from 7pm on a Sunday night.

Other later appearances for Scott came at GWR, Manchester's Piccadilly Key 103 and London's Heart 106.2.  He joined the rank and file of BBC Radio 1 in 1998.  In his time with Auntie, Scott became the first presenter on the station's One Big Sunday supplying some decent entertainment to the folks of Bristol - this ranking as one of Scott's best moments.  Amongst his worst, Scott refers to the moment when he spent some time chatting to a mate on a studio phone whilst a record played.  The problem was that he'd left the microphone on all the way through the song!

As well as radio, Scott has also done his fair share of television work, on music shows, Planet Pop and the now legendary Top Of The PopsOutside of a radio studio, Scott can actually play the piano, and used to be quite talented in the classical piano side.  He also likes cooking, however this is usually done at length for his friends and family - when they aren't around, it's just him and a microwave that share mealtimes in his Islington, North London pad.  

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