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Profile: Steve Merike:  Steve was born in South London, Lewisham to be precise, on 23rd October 1945.  At the age of 15, he joined the RAF. His first taste of radio was as a presenter at a Royal Air Force college in Hereford, where he spent six years.  It was then that a move to being a club DJ took him to holiday resorts around the south coast.  The link with the sea had begun.  Steve reached the Top 50 for a week in 1966 under the name Tony Merrick - not the only DJ to make a record though - he recorded a version of Lady Jane, a track by the Rolling Stones.  Radio Scotland was a port of call in July 1967, but it was around this time that the Marine Offences Act caused the station to close just a month after he joined.   And so off to Radio Caroline and the afternoon show from 3:00pm-6:00pm.  Theme tunes for his appearances on his stations from this time were (Radio Scotland) The Happy Organ by Dave Cortez and Billy's Bag by Billy Preston on Caroline. Three years after Radio 1 launched, Steve joined the line up, and was the only man to fill in for Tony Blackburn on the Breakfast Show without the audience figures taking a dive.  He sat in for two months.  He then became the PD or Programme Director with Radio Northsea International in 1971 and then went on to feature on several radio stations both in the UK and Australia.  In the UK, there were appearances on BBC Radio Brighton, LBC, Piccadilly Radio, Pennine Radio, Radio Forth, Radio Victory,  BBC Radio Leeds, Radio Trent 301 (Nottingham) which culminated in Steve's last show in 1987 and then a move to it's AM 'sister' station GEM-AM.   A move to Loughborough's 107 Oak-FM saw a prominent daytime slot for Steve and a managerial position there too.  However Steve came away from OAK at a time deemed suitable, and this is where Steve's radio presentation jobs ended for a time.  TV was also of appeal to Steve, and he was also the presenter of Pop Quest, a quiz series for Yorkshire Television.  

In February 2003, test transmissions for SAGA 106.6 (101.4 Derby), the East Midlands 2nd regional station, although only those read by David Lloyd, featured a subtle mention of the name Steve Merike.  This sent raptures through the AIRCHECK backroom - we already knew that Steve has a fondness for the music of the 1930s, and this would be just up SAGA's street, however this isn't where Steve has appeared.  

Whereabouts: Steve made a subtle return to the airwaves after a lengthy absence as a replacement for Peter Quinn, who didn't appear, despite prior inclusion on the station's website.  Steve presented his return to radio on Sunday 16th February 2003 on the breakfast show, 6:00am-10:00pm, and was followed by David Lloyd himself.

Otherwise, if you're looking to have a website, Steve is your man!  He changed his career a couple of years ago to run his own website building company called 'Announce'.

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