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Profile: John Terrett:  John who I hear you cry?  John first came to my lugholes as a news reader on the long defunct, but probably very premature ITN Radio News Service which aimed to give IRN a run for it's money long before the grimly determined but also now defunct  Network News began.  John's news bulletins were heard via satellite and heard on Radio Nova's 1980's/1990's satellite radio service amongst others.

John's work at London's LBC include Through the Night (dates unknown), First Edition Spring-September 1994, he was a rolling news presenter (London News 97.3), October 1994-January 1995, The Editors (London News/News 97.3), January 1995-May 1996, First Edition (London News/News 97.3), January 1995-May 1996 and as a rolling news presenter (News Direct), May 1996-1998 

Whereabouts: John is now an early riser on BBC Radio Northampton's Breakfast Show on a Saturday morning.  (104.2 & 103.6 FM) 

Thanks go to Bob Glen who adds:  ... he also does the business news on BBC NEWS 24,and was a former Radio 2 news reader. A very interesting web site, well done.

NB: Network News was run by Angus Moorat, who worked tirelessly to establish the competitor to IRN.  The news service only went off air when forced to vacate it's Astra satellite audio frequency by Sky Television.  ITN Radio News merged with IRN hence it's short lived time on air.

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