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Profile: Tim Disney: Tim is best known for his work with Trent-FM pre-GWR ownership.  Back in the 1990's, Dick Stone, Mark Burrows and other members of the team re-recorded 'Double Trouble & The Rebel MC's' hit 'Street Tuff' as a promo for Tim Disney's show, the lyrics including 'the Rebel TD' and 'is he a Yankee, no he's from Derbyshire'  which is where the promo descended into farce with '...Derbyshire ?  That doesn't rhyme'. 

Tim has also worked for Chiltern FM, Classic Gold, GEM-AM & Juice 107.2.  Amongst his anecdotes is a story about nearly chopping a figure off in the high speed spinning of an open reel tape machine!  Another is his worst 'dead-air' experience - when a power cut forced him to sit around for three hours with nothing to do at all!  Obviously there was no back-up generator back then.  Finally, at one stage, Tim was the only person working in a radio station building on an overnight UK networked show one night when the fire alarm went off and he had to evacuate the studio leaving a CD on.

He is a believer that DJ's can talk too much and is quoted as saying that talk should be quality and not quantity, and that the most cheesy DJ catchphrase relates to competitions and associated prizes that are 'up for grabs'.

Tim has been most recently tracked at Forever Broadcasting's Peak 107 in Chesterfield where he was one of a small band of presenters and the station's Programme Controller.  

Whereabouts:  Tim Disney was "let go" from Peak 107 by the Forever Group, shortly after he was rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack!  It is understood that Tim is much better.  We wish Tim all the very best.

Simon Parry reports: 'You were asking what's happened to Tim Disney, he's advertising himself as a voiceover artist in The Radio Magazine, and when you go to, there is information about a new production company, 'Inspire' - the website launched on Monday 20th January 2002.' 
Tim offers radio studio facilities for RSLs and Tim's very own voiceover service amongst other things.  

UPDATE: Having discovered a whole stash of stuff in his loft, Tim has now launched his very own website, 'Tim Disney's Murky Past' which will, in time, feature the nuggets of his archive recorded during his time at Trent-FM. You can visit it for yourself and keep an eye on new features as they are added at the following address:

* = Part of this promo can be heard on the double cassette collection from the Aircheck Archive called 'Trent Gold' as compiled by this site's editor! - interested in having a copy? - please e-mail - or hear it for yourself now whilst your on the 'net' at the above address for 'Tim Disney's Murky Past'.  

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