Aircheck Tracker

Profile: Tony Delahunty. Tony has been very much a sport orientated radio presenter reporting on events around the globe.  Tony is another of the Radio Trent breed, having reported for Trent and GEM-AM.  Tony is believed to run his own sports reporting business.  Tony returned to help ex-Trent colleague Ron Coles as the sports reporter and presenter for Radio 106FM when it launched across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire.  His first report for Radio 106FM was from Valderama in Spain watching Mansfield's Lee Westwood in golf action. 

Whereabouts: Tony is currently presenting news and sport on Mansfield 103.2 in North Nottinghamshire.  Joe Sentance offers a further update:  'Just been looking on the Aircheck Tracker ... great site... to fill you in on Tony, he's now Managing Director of Mansfield 103.2 and Classic Gold (Worcester) and co-presents a Rugby Show on Mansfield 103.2 on Thursday evenings 7-8pm.

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