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Ian began practicing his broadcasting as a young boy with a hi-fi, a microphone and a few hundred records, and would happily spend many hours recording tracks and interspersing them with a spot of banter. 

Quite who he was actually broadcasting to is a mystery to even Ian himself !

Apart from broadcasting and music, Ian’s hobbies include travel, transport, socializing, pets and computing.

By the late 80’s, Ian joined the local hospital radio service, RADIO LINK, and spent the best part of ten years working to raise money for the station at outdoor events and during several sponsored broadcasts. He also worked the equipment at roadshows, carnivals and fetes around the area, as well as producing and presenting both general music and entertainment shows and specialist and sports programming for patients in hospital whom Ian always remembered he was serving when on-air.

During the same time, Ian spent two and a half years working at BBC RADIO DERBY producing and presenting music reviews on David Halls’ Saturday Night Dance Party, and subsequently, Devon Daley’s Saturday Sort Out. Ian was able to act as a critic for the tracks and albums he introduced and reviewed, as well as tempting the listener with questions leading to a chance to win the items featured. Changes in programming at the station led to the end of this period, of which Ian describes as a privilege, a pleasure and very memorable indeed.

Over recent years, Ian has continued his involvement in local radio in the county, and has worked at TRUST-FM in Chesterfield, as well as VALLEY RADIO in Ripley, and over more recent years, Derby’s PRIDE-FM. Over this time, Ian pushed the boundaries of his body clock by presenting an overnight programme from 1am to 6am on VALLEY RADIO (affectionately called ‘the graveyard shift’ in the trade), a Sunday leisure programme on the same station, whilst during the same period, assuming a pseudonym to present an evening show from 9pm-Midnight on Chesterfield's TRUST-FM 107.4.  (Both stations shared an overlapping transmission area.) 

More recently, Ian has spent his broadcasting time on PRIDE-FM in Derby, presenting spots as diverse as drive-time, a listeners' Millennium favourites request show during the station's Millennium broadcast, and in May & June 2001, Ian brought a return to the airwaves of his self designed 'Entertainment Tonight' show, first aired on Derby Hospital Radio in 1990.  Ian has now been presenting the basic format of the show, albeit with a few changes, on and off ever since. (The benchmark set by the show meant that the programme name continued on hospital radio after Ian left the station, however the similarity is believed to end there.)  PRIDE-FM returned to the airwaves in July 2002 as the City's Jubilee Radio Station and was truly able to confirm it's status as 'THE REAL PRIDE OF DERBY' taking a tongue-in-cheek sideswipe at RAM-FM who insist on calling themselves 'THE REAL PRIDE OF ENGLAND'.  The Jubilee broadcast featured regular events news and information, music variety from the 50s to the best of today, and also covered HM The Queen's visit to Pride Park Stadium - the output being of a high standard and much better than other local offerings.  Big names to attend the studios for the sixth broadcast were Craig Strong, Steve Merike & Chris Baird.  

Ian also continues to serve the public on PRIDE-FM’s roadshow, and appears along with the rest of the team at an increasing number of fetes, galas and carnivals around the area as well as local school discos, each year.

Ian is the Director of the ASWAS RADIO GROUP (broadcasting in Derby as PRIDE-FM), and has held several Radio Authority granted Restricted Service Licences in that time.  Along with the rest of the team, Ian hopes to bring PRIDE-FM to the airwaves of Derby on a regular basis, as an 'ACCESS' Radio Station, and however the station broadcasts, is determined that PRIDE-FM keeps itself in touch with the community it serves, and that it is accessible to it’s listeners.

Ian is a big fan of 'real local radio' giving a high ranking to stations who 'do radio like radio should be done' including, Lincs FM, Centre-FM, OAK 107, and Radio Two, the latter providing Ian's background as he grew up.  He is a strong believer that '...if only Joe Public actually touched the tuning dial on their radio, they'd actually find something else that is likely to more listenable than the pap they've been conned into thinking is actually quite good.'   

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