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UPDATED: 09/09/2003

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BBC LOCAL RADIO BBC Radio Scotland provides a national service on FM frequencies 92-95FM & 810 MW.  The Gaelic service BBC Radio nan Gaidheal broadcasts on 103.5 - 105FM.   


MORAY FIRTH RADIO / MFR: Broadcasting from Scorguie Place in Inverness, this station launched as Moray Firth Radio on Tuesday 23rd February 1982.  At that time it was the smallest commercial radio station in the UK, but it has since progressed to being one of the most popular stations and has won several awards.  It's broadcast patch is actually the largest local radio area in the United Kingdom, stretching from Caithness to the North, through the Moray Forth and Inverness to the Noth East Coast of Banff and Buchan.  It operates a format of contemporary music, specialist programmes, news, sport, entertainment and local information.  It's service is broadcast using five transmitters - 102.5 for Caithness, it's original 97.4 for Inverness, Keith on 102.8, Fraserburgh on 96.7 and finally Speyside on 96.6FM.  It's current licence expires 22nd February 2010.  


NEVIS RADIO: Serving Fort William and parts of Lochaber, this station provides mainstream chart, AOR music, news and features by day, with community information, specialist music and programming by night.  It operates from studios on the Ben Nevis Estate in Claggan, Fort William using four FM frequencies: 96.6 for Fort William, 102.4 for Loch Leven, 97FM for Glencoe, and 102.3 for Skye & Mallaig.  It began broadcasting on 1st February 1994.  Nevis Radio is a 24 hour a day operation and around 15 hours of programmes are locally produced every day. The station is manned by around 40 volunteers and 3 employees.  It's beginnings can be traced back to 1992 and 1993 with ski-reports from the Nevis Range - Holiday FM then followed in the Summer of 1993 with programming coming from Fort William from the Macrae & Dick buildings.  Nevis Community Radio Action Group was set up to raise funding to make a permanent station possible.  It's licence started on 1st August 1994.  Programming from Nevis Radio starts live at 7:00am Monday to Friday with a 1:00am finish, 8am-11pm Saturday and 8am-Midnight on Sunday.  Moray Firth Radio provides the overnight sustaining service.  




INVERNESS: The new digital multiplex for Inverness was launched on 22nd August 2003, operated by SCORE Digital.  In comparison to a lot of other multiplexes, the channel line up is, for now, minimal.  Just four channels are offered initially on SCORE Digital's sixth digital network; MFR (see above), MFR Digital (a shared service comprising of 3C Continuous Cool Country and MFR AM's analogue service, BBC Radio Scotland and the equivalent language service BBC Radio nan Gaidheal.  The other digitial multiplexes operated by SCORE are in Scotland, in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee/Perth and Ayr, with the other service over the Irish Sea in Northern Ireland.  SCORE works with the marketing body of Digital Radio, DRDB, to promote the medium and to encourage people to switch to digital at an early / earlier stage. 

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