Aircheck Archive

Welcome to the Aircheck Archive page.  Thanks for visiting. 

Unfortunately, I am not prepared to publish the list of recordings on-line.  I appreciate this is contrary to previous pledges made on this page, and therefore I apologise as a result. 

If you'd like a list of the recordings held in my archive then please do contact me via e-mail at:

For information purposes, your attention is drawn to the following:

1.    I do not buy.   2.    I do not sell.   3.    I am not a supplier ONLY.    4. I am a radio enthusiast.

 5.    I swap, on the understanding you will be able to supply your list of recordings and then send me something I am interested in, in return.

6.     I send items on the understanding that you will be using recordings for your personal pleasure only.

All I ask is that you send the appropriate number of blank cassettes or minidiscs (sorry, no other format possible right now), preferably good quality ones, not cheap and nasty ones.  Providing you are happy to post items to me at your own cost, either blank cassettes or recordings of items from your collection, I will do the same for you.

Mailing details will be supplied via e-mail only.

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