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LAST UPDATED: 18/08/2002

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THE LOFT: A fabulous archive of long lost forgotten items and memories.  And the last Christmas led me to cliimb aound for to fish out the tree and decorations. But this wasn't a bad thing and led me to discover a box full of press adverts, car stickers, presenter photos, and other radio memorabilia.  Due to the immense amount of interesting items, this page will be updated regularly with new images from the archive giving you the ideal reason to keep on visiting the Aircheck site.  So come back soon for more from the Aircheck Radio Museum. ENJOY!

TEAM RADIO 1:  Fresh from the 275/285 era, we find the obligatory presenter line up photo:  Up for a kick about against Radio 2 maybe?

From left to right: back row: Simon Bates, ?, ?, The Hairy Cornflake Dave Lee Travis, ?, Peter Powell,  ?.

From left to right: front row: John (I'm still here even after all these years) Peel, Noel Edmonds, Ed (obviously the team captain) 'Stewpot' Stewart, Paul Gambaccini, ?

The picture is lousy I know, which means I'm having some difficulty in working out who they all are - I mean, the one on the right of DLT looks like my brother in law!  He's kept that quiet if it's him!  Anyway, help me replace the '?' - e-mail with the answers!


(EDITED IMAGE) Capital Radio compliment slip: I had to think why I might've got this, and finally, I remembered entering a competition in the local free paper, the Derby Trader, many years ago, when the Network chart was sponsored by Nescafe and presented by David 'Kid' Jensen.  One day, a rather large jiffy bag arrived in the post, and I'd won a red padded jacket with a 'Nescafe Network Chart Show' badge stitched on a sleeve. It was so cheesy to look at, I only ever tried it on, and never wore it publically. Even so, I've never been able to bring myself to chuck it, it's stashed away somewhere, and hasn't fitted me for longer than I care to remember.  Interestingly, note the old address at Euston Tower (Capital HQ is now in Leicester Square), the '01' telephone number and the bird on the logo! (Now the corporate 'sun' logo)

During 1989 & 1990, the BBC operated a roadshow around the UK, called BBC Radio Goes To Town. A great marquee was erected, and featured a mini theatre, studios, and areas where you could meet presenters and obtain radio goodies.  In Derby, this was right outside Radio Trent in the Market Place!  The purpose of the roadshow was to publicise the great radio dial shake up.  As of August 27th, Radio 2 would be on FM only, which prepared 693 & 909 kHz MW for the launch of the talk & music station BBC Radio Five, which launched on the same date, and included children's programming called 'Take Five'.  Radio Five was launched by Trevor & Simon from BBC1's Going Live show.  The stickers helped listeners to get used to the new locations of the BBC network stations on all frequencies, with the little triangular stickers for use on front of your manual tuning radio!.  The big stickers were apparently  there to 'brighten up your radio'  The rear of the sticker sheet told you how to use them, pointing FM stickers up, and MW down for example.  Needless to say, most of the Museum archive was collected on the roadshow - good thing too!  Own a sheet for yourself for FREE while stocks last - click here!

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