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Here's an edited excerpt from something I must've picked up from Trent reception in Derby's Market Place, which up until recently was an empty shell when the studios of the 'successor' moved to nearby Iron Gate.  The premises, under the Assembly Rooms, are now housing a City Centre police office.  Still, it'll always be Trent reception to me!  Anyway, back to the point, and the FM schedule circa 1990-ish.  If some of the names are familiar, visit the Tracker page to find out where some of them are now.  And if you can add details of those listed above that aren't in the Tracker listings, don't forget to e-mail me!   Of note, Andy Miller and Danny Cox have swapped from the launch schedule, and a 'baby' Neil Fox (no sign of the Doctor) gets a syndicated hour on Thursdays whilst David Jensen continues the Network Chart on Sundays!


A station tie-up with petrol giants Mobil in early 1990 saw the station's strap line becoming 'Today's FM station' and a differing version of the 'Sticker drive', the promotion type of which seems common place nowadays.  Ten 'Quiz Challenge' questions were broadcast, with answers broadcast in 'idiot style' format throughout March. Correct entries were additionally entered into a Friday afternoon draw with a correct entry drawn winning a Mobil Super Plus Unleaded Track Day!  Dick Stone drew the winner of a new Honda Concerto on the Breakfast Show 2nd April 1990, shortly after Trent's 3rd birthday a month previously.  During March, the sticker drive continued with a 'car of the day' winning 100 of Mobil Super Plus Unleaded petrol vouchers, providing a new sticker was seen in the window of their car and the coupon on the back was completed and sent in.  Amongst the questions for the competition were: Who presents the Network Top 40 show on Sunday nights? When was the M1 opened? & What does Mobil Super Plus Unleaded give your car?  Meanwhile, amongst the rules and conditions, 2. Competition is not open to Trent FM Derby 102.8 ... employees .... (does that mean Trent FM 96.2 employees could have entered?) and 6. The decision of the Controller of Programming of Trent FM Derby 102.8 on all matters shall be final. (So what's new for a Programme Controller?)  You were also encouraged to take a test drive of this car, (almost identical to the recently launched Rover 200 series) at dealers in Leicester, Rugby, Derby, Nottingham, Solihull, Halesowen, Walsall and Birmingham.  Just how far did Trent want this competition to reach?


A schedule from October 1990, sent on request by Trent in Derby. Here's the schedule to view..

(The links will take you to a presenter profile on our Tracker Page - however, where there aren't links, why not e-mail and tell us where everybody else is.)


1:00am    -    4:00am  &nnbsp; Viv Evans

4:00am    -    6:00am  &nnbsp; Mark Burrows

6:00am    -   10:00am   Dick SStone In The Morning

10:00am  -     1:00pm &nnbsp;  The Andy Miller Afternoon Show

1:00pm    -     2:00pm &nnbsp;  Music Jam

2:00pm    -     6:00pm &nnbsp;  The Danny Cox Afternoon Show

6:00pm    -     7:00pm &nnbsp;  Monday & Tuesday:       Music Jam

                                   Wednesday - 6:45pm     Music Jam followed at 6:45pm by The Look - fashion shows with Louise Moore

                                   Thursday:   - 6:45pm      The Business Programme

                                   Thursday 6:45-7:00pm    Take A Break with Suzanne Hales

                                   Friday                           Music Jam

7:00pm    -    9:00pm  &nnbsp; Monday                         The Eurochart with Pat Sharpe

                                   Tuesday                        John Shaw

                                   Wednesday                   Mark Spivey

                                   Thursday                       John Shaw

                                   Friday                           The American Countdown with Benny Brown

9:00pm    -    1:00am  &nnbsp; Colin Woolley  


1:00am    -    6:00am  &nnbsp; Graham Wright

6:00am    -    9:00am  &nnbsp; The Breakfast Show with Rob Wagstaff

9:00am    -    12:00pm  Dick SStone

12:00pm  -    2:00pm    Andy Miller

2:00pm    -    6:00pm  &nnbsp; Craig Strong

6:00pm    -    10:00pm  The Saaturday Experience with Tim Disney

10:00pm  -    1:00am    Get On The Good Foot with Mark Spivey


1:00am    -    6:00am  &nnbsp; Graham Wright

6:00am    -    9:00am  &nnbsp; Mark Burrows & Richard Steel

9:00am    -    12:00pm  Colin Woolley

12:00pm  -    2:00pm    The Weekly Top 30 with Danny Cox

2:00pm    -    4:00pm  &nnbsp; Live Wire with Mark Hayman

4:00pm    -    7:00pm  &nnbsp; The Network Chart with David Jensen

7:00pm    -    10:00pm  Here BBe Dragons with John Shaw


'WIN WHAT YOU WANT' was a Summer 1991 promotion which closed on Friday 2nd August of that year.  Conditions of the competition included the obligatory 'no employees of Trent FM' , 1,000 to be spent in 'participating' outlets, no cash alternative, no refunds if purchases do not amount to the total, excess paid by winner, purchases to be made on one day determined by both the winner & Trent FM, and interestingly - no purchase necessary.  Of what?  Radio advertising? Trent merchandise?  What?  Again, Dick Stone was the man to announce the winner on Monday 5th August between 9 & 10am.


Click here for a faithful recreation of a page from a Trent playlist from 1992 - scanned via OCP, this is something picked up (somehow) whilst working on a hospital radio outside broadcast from 1992 which was based in Derby's Market Place.  Dick Stone, being an ex-Derby hospital radio man himself, was kind enough to simulcast and link up with us outside Trent's studios to cover a hospital radio sponsored broadcast.  The playlist features references to times, catalogue numbers and styles of tracks.  I'm sure you can pick up on them for yourself.  Chances of getting a simulcast on air now?  Doubtful!


So, what has the Aircheck collection been living in all these years?  A plastic bag!  But not just an ordinary plastic bag ... a Trent FM bag - co sponsored by local bus company - Trent Buses!

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