Aircheck Tracker Quick-HitsLAST UPDATED: 11/10/2003 



Hello & welcome to another NEW page - TRACKER Quick Hits.  The reason for this new page is as follows - through e-mail, we've been receiving lots of requests for presenters, without necessarily having enough to write a profile on to warrant full inclusion on our main Tracker page.  So, here it is - the answer - Tracker Quick-Hits, again, in alphabetical (surname) order, with the name and whereabouts, or what we know so far.  All updates and further information appreciated - (e-mail) and if we can make a full tracker page out of one of the following, then we'll do so as soon as possible, so keep checking back!


Rachel Hopper: Stuart Keeling wrote: 'Rachael Hopper was on Ram FM from launch with Dick Stone at Breakfast before being shunted to the late night show soon after, as Dick Stone covered Breakfast on his own.  Rachael then moved to Capital FM initially between 1-4am during the week before being given the 10pm-1am slot. When Steve Penk rejoined Capital she moved to the weekends but has been off air for a few months now.  Whatever happened to her?  

AIRCHECK replies: She appeared on BBCTV's 'Radio Faces' edition of 'The Weakest Link' Wednesday 15th January 2003 where she, amongst all the other bits of plugging by other DJs, said she was still at Capital Radio....and by the way, Rachel didn't win, but instead lost out to the final two, Heart 106.2 jocks Pat Sharp & Jono Coleman - Pat won 10,700 for charity.  If we can arrange a tracker page for Rachael then we certainly will!  Otherwise, now you know!


Gareth Healey from South Wales asks: 'Does anybody have any idea where Andy Johnson(ex-Red Dragon FM) is?  Many thanks for any help.'  

Paul Easton replies: 'You were asking about Andy Johnson - ex-Red Dragon FM.  He's now head of group programming with Capital Radio Group.  Hope that helps.'

AIRCHECK updates:  Can anyone help with more background information about him?  E-mail AIRCHECK to help Gareth out!


Robert Kenny: Stuart Keeling wrote: 'Robert Kenny joined 96 Trent FM on its relaunch in or around 1993 presenting weekday evenings between 10pm-2am and Saturdays between 2-6pm.  He left the station when notified that 'Late Night Love' would be "networked" from Swindon with Graham Torrington.  He then re-appeared in the East Midlands during the week between 1-6am "networked" from GWR H/Q across the Mix network, and on a Sunday night between 7-10pm.  He also covered from Graham Torrington on numerous occassions. Where is he now?' 

Simon Parry replies: Robert Kenny is now presenting at Reading 107, the new station in (amazingly!) Reading. I think he's doing the morning show!  AIRCHECK says: In the past, Robert actually left a lengthy message on our Guestbook, however, there is not enough space on there, and Robert's reply was muted before it had even got going, and to date, we've not been able to get hold of Robert on his e-mail.  Robert!  Drop us a line with what you originally said at e-mail us - we'd love to hear from you!


Mark Mason: Stuart Keeling asked: '...where is Mark Mason who also presented late night and weekend shows on Gem-AM for quite a while?..."  

Mark Mason himself replies: 'Hi site.  That Mark Mason who was on GEM AM...after GEM he went to Magic in Sheffield, WABC Wolverhampton, Silk FM Macclesfield...did a few shows at Alpha in Darlington...until June this year (2003), was drive presenter at Classic Gold Hereford and Worcester (for 4 years).  Now freelance, recent stations heard on - Rugby FM and Centre FM (Tamworth)!


John Shaw - 'Andy' sent this update: 'I believe that John has graduated from doing cricket reports on Radio Nottingham to, er, doing cricket reports on Radio Leicester!  Shame they don't allow him to do music shows any more though.'  Stuart Keeling reports: 'John Shaw presented Boxing Day Breakfast on BBC Radio Leicester between 6:00am & 9:00am. '




Stuart Keeling says: 'Steve Voce was an excellent presenter on Gem-AM for many years covering late night, overnight and weekend shows before being replaced when the stations output was networked from GWR Swindon.  Where is he now? 

Simon Parry replies: 'Steve Voce - has recently (September 2003) done swing work at Saga 106.6 FM. I didn't actually hear him, but he was listed on the schedule.'

If you can give any more information about these people, or if you would like to place the name of someone you've either lost or a name and profile of someone you've found,  please e-mail the site.