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It it's first year, AIRCHECK had 2000 hits - since it launched in December 01 there have now been well in excess of 6000!  A big thanks to all the continued kind comments being received..  It really is appreciated.  Feel free to e-mail me anytime at

Great web site..plenty of good information and news..(CB)

'I stumbled across your site!  Very good work indeed. Found info..that'd I'd forgotten about, incredible research!  ..with the demise of and radiogoss...your site is now in my favourites list, so well done!' (TR)

'I really enjoy your website...' (TT)

'Just a note to say thanks for the all the items of interest I read about in your site.... it has been good to see how many folk have gone onto greater things...'  (PT)

'Thank you for the information on your website about John Dash. It was much appreciated. I would like to thank you for your hard work in tracking him down for me and your excellent website.  I have already mentioned your site on Adrian Allen's site to a female who was wondering what has happened to 3 radio DJs who were axed .. in Bristol.   I know I will keep in touch and keep track on your website as it is excellent.  Good luck for the future.  Thanks again'  (LD)

'Seen you around on the internet over the past few years, a very impressive site...' (IP)

"Nice site ...." (DC)              "A very interesting web site, well done...." (BG)        "Keep up the good work ...."  (BG)

"Great site you have there!" (DS)        "Full of nostalgia ...." (Jay)                 "Superb site...!" (TM)

"Your site has rekindled some great memories of Trent before GWR ruined it...keep up the good work mate..."(DS)

"Interesting stuff..." (Jay)                    "Great for local radio ..." (Keith)       "Brought back some memories...."  (MH)

"Great!" (DS)                        "The site seems like an excellent idea." (EC)

"Hi there... just a quick line to say what a great web site you have...." (DW)

"'s really filling a gap in the market; there's nothing else that combines radio nostalgia with the latest developments in the industry - a great read."    (PF)

'Sunday night. A glass of wine and a week off on the horizon! I rifle thro' some anorak pages and.... congrats on a great site - many memories.'  (DL)

'Great website by the way . . .' (AC)        'I came across your site by accident - a really good read!'(Anon)

'Your own site continues to be a good read - all the best with it' (PF)

'Great website Ian, and excellent Trent FM 102.8 pages.  Great stuff!!!!  Cheers' (RL)

' have a most interesting and active site...and many new subjects...Good luck in the future.  As you say, lets Keep Great Radio Alive. Best Regards' (AD)

'Just came across your site by accident.  Good web-site by the way, great to see what others are doing...... keep up the good work. (SG)'

'Just found your site. Nice work, relived a few memories looking at all the stuff you've collected.  Keep up the good work! All the best' (TD)

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