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UPDATED: 26/06/2003


Welcome to another new feature - the World Report - and I'm looking for your input on to this page.  E-mail me at this address, with a report on the radio in your town, your country, wherever you are around the world.  Are there any new stations coming on?  Is there a battle for a new licence?  It it good, is it bad?  Is it available on the internet?    Is there something the world ought to know?  Go on - drop me a line!  

Through a mutual interest, it is purely by chance that I caught up with Nicola Lewis, who, she advised me, used to work at Chiltern Radio.  I asked her what she did there.  She writes: I didn't really do much, I used to catalogue the records for the DJ's, most of them you probably wouldn't have heard of, Michael Martin ... Tony West .... and the one you will have heard of is Paul McKenna ... he was the best, such a laugh!  Although he was very particular about the way that you handled his vinyl!  I saw him several years later when I went to see his hypnotic show (which I had never believed in), I was stuck on the front row and he looked straight at me and said "nice to see so many here tonight - especially the sceptics among you" and smiled at me, I could have killed the person I went with - cos I knew if he HAD of got me on that stage he would have got me doing something really silly, just to prove his point!  I don't know what had happened to the other DJ's, but Paul has certainly made it.  I kind of miss my days there, there has never been a more enjoyable job to go to.  I am now a stay at home housewife/mother - they would never believe it if they could see it now.

Greg Blouch from Ohio, USA writes: I don't really feel qualified to comment on American radio as a whole. I will say this: Beware of a company called ClearChannel Communications! It sounds like they've done the same thing to U.S. radio as GWR has done over there. In 1996, (I think that was the year) the restrictions on how many  stations one company could own went away. You can only own so many stations per market but unlimited total amounts nationwide.  ClearChannel gobbled up more than 1,000 stations in the next few years and turned them into carbon copy, cookie cutter, repetitive, robot stations.  Often, they use the same DJ coast-to-coast on multiple stations (cyberjocking) to save money. The reason I'm telling you all this is because I heard they were looking into entering the UK radio market. 

AIRCHECK says: Thanks Greg...I'm sure I've heard of ClearChannel already.  I think they wanted to get to grips with the UK but have recently sold out!   Whatever the case, it's a slightly worrying proposition bearing in mind that a lot of radio people in the UK tend to think that US stations and their formats are about 10 years ahead of the British!   Is there no chance of a turn in tide yet?

Lisa Dance reports: Here in Newport, Gwent, we have Red Dragon Radio which is excellent and is available on 97.4 or 103.2FM.  It plays mostly chart music and 
does get a bit boring on times as they repeat the same songs from the charts all day long.  I wondered if you could help with this one what has happened to John Dash who used to work on there?

We also have Real Radio which is broadcast on 105.9 - that station is excellent. It broadcasts from as far as Chepstow to Swansea.  It seems to appeal to all ages, it plays music from the 60s to present.  It has a lot of good DJs (one which they lost called Adrian Allen - where is he?

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