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Profile: Nick Barraclough: Born in 1951, Nick lives in a village on the border of Cambridgeshire & Suffolk along with his wife Judy and their two children, Cassie & Henry.  Radio was not Nick's first job - he played guitar with a number of bands before starting his dream job, i.e. radio with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire in 1982.

His first memory of radio was listening to Ted Ray play a request for him on the old Light Programme when he was eight years old which led him to think 'This really works!'.

A highlight in his career was when he broadcast for Radio 2 live from a balcony of the Copacabana Hotel, Rio De Janiero during the 2000 Carnival but his worst moment was when he was on-air criticising a big country duo not realising they were standing behind him.  Apparently they were not impressed!  

Nick's secret ambition is to record an album that Bob Harris would play on his shows!

Whereabouts: Nick joined Radio 2 in 1992 to present 'New Country' on Wednesday nights 7:00-8:00pm.  He also runs his own production company 'Smooth Operations' which makes Mike Harding's Radio 2 folk show which follows on from his own show on Wednesday nights.

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