Redhill Primary School serves the village of Ockbrook (deriving its name from Ocha's brook), which lies about five miles to the east of Derby. We are a foundation primary school, having been formerly a grant maintained school from 1994. Our school is situated in its own pleasant grounds on The Ridings. We have two playgrounds, an excellent playing field, a wildlife area and a pond, used by the children as part of their science lessons.

The building, first opened in 1969 has seven large classrooms and a study centre in addition to a modern administration block. Junior and infant departments adjoin a hall that is used as a dining room, for assemblies, as a concert auditorium and for Physical Education lessons. The school is also fortunate to have a modern kiln in the junior activity area.

We have about 220 pupils who attend the school and these are organised into seven classes, grouped into separate year groups. All children wear the school uniform and we are proud of our reputation as a school where both academic achievement and broader learning experiences are valued.

There are very good relationships between pupils, parents, staff and governors who work closely together to support development and improvement at the school. Teamwork and parental partnership were seen by OFSTED as key factors behind the success of Redhill and we were invited to act as a Beacon School from 1998, a role that we are proud to undertake.

Our principle aim is to recognise all children's abilities and encourage them to reach their potential. To this end our agreed mission statement is:

In partnership with parents, we aim

to develop all the School's children

to the maximum of their abilities.

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